Specialising in Disability Travel
for the last 22 years.
in conjunction with Cruise in Style Holidays
Linmar Travel Consultancy has been in operation for the last 22 Years.

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Terms and Conditions

Linmar Travel Consultancy reserves the right to alter the itinerary while on holidays to meet the needs of the individual/group.

Linmar Travel Consultancy does not take people on holiday who:
1. Show signs of violence
2. Have high challenging behaviours
3. Cannot climb 3 stairs into a bus with minimal help. (Don’t have a government approved wheelchair bus at our disposal).

If a person with a disability has challenging behaviours, a behaviour management plan needs to be submitted. A decision would then be made as to whether or not a person is accepted on a trip.
All monies for interstate or intrastate trips by bus need to be paid 30days prior to travel.
All monies for interstate, intrastate and overseas by plane need to be paid once booking is made.

Cancellation fees:


Cancellations made outside of 21 days of departure are subject to a $500 cancellation fee.
Cancellations made inside of 21 days, penalties of up to 100% of full monies paid will apply.
Travel Insurance will be offered at an extra cost; this is optional but will not cover pre existing illnesses.


Travel Insurance is taken out for all persons with a disability.
If cancellation occurs due to a new illness not a pre-existing one and a doctor’s certificate is produced payments will be refunded via the insurance policy. In all other circumstances, outside of 60 Days of departure a loss of 50% and inside of 60days 100% of full monies paid will apply.

Damages to property:

While all care is taken to protect against property damage, the cost of any damage will be the responsibility of the person who has done the damage not Linmar Travel Consultancy, this includes things like carpet cleaning and breaking of glass.